Actions Make July Even Hotter

Ways to make a difference on health care reform:


Stand up for Democracy

We had an excellent forum advocating the Employee Free Choice Act at the Progressive Center of Texas on July 21. Jobs with Justice activist Margarita Alvarez asks us to return there, 1409 South Lamar in Dallas, at 6:30 on Tuesday, July 28, to get an update on a possible civil war about to start in Honduras. As this is written, President Manuel Zelaya is attempting to return to his country in opposition to the army and the wealthy landowners who run the nation.

Newspersons are invited at 6:30 PM. From 7 to 8:30, State Representative Lon Burnam will conduct a panel discussion with Margarita Alvarez, Teachers' union leader Hobie Hukill, Communications Workers leader Nancy Hall, Central American activist Ricardo Ventura, and me.

Let's do what we can!

Love & solidarity