Learn a Lot at Council Meetings

All Dallas affiliated AFL-CIO union members can go to the Central Labor Council meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The most dedicated activists are there.

Usually, politics is an important part of the discussion. The Council decided on May 19 that they would not take a position in the Dallas mayor's runoff race for June 18. Both of the candidates had come to the labor center. When the Council takes a "no endorsement" stand, individual unions are free to endorse and work for whomever they choose.

Mayoral candidate drops by

In the photo are AFL-CIO Financial Secretary Treasurer JIm McCasland, Mayoral candidate Mike Rawlings, and Amalgamated Postal Workers Union retiree Lewis Fulbright. The picture behind them is Hubert Humphrey, former Vice President of the United States.

The 2011 Labor Day Breakfast promises to be bigger and better than ever. They will not meet at the Sheraton in Irving this year, but have good prospects for a much larger venue. We have had nearly 500 participants the last two Labor Days. Tickets to the breakfast will soon be on sale. Various activists are submitting the names of top speakers for the event. "Labor's hero" will probably be announced at the breakfast.

Instead of the regular June meeting, the Council decided to have a special discussion on election strategies. Politics has become increasingly vital to working people. The National AFL-CIO President, Rich Trumpka, called for unions to reach out to all American working people during a speech on May 20. Toward the end of the Central Labor Council meeting, different union members report on their activities. The Transport Workers appreciate the help they've received on getting a contract with airlines. A postal worker suggested that the post office might be hiring soon. He said applicants should sign up on www.usps.com.

Postal workers are supporting HR1351 in the Congress. The Doctor's Guild reported that the Texas Sunset Commission has recommended keeping the Workers Comp Commission and some improvements were made.
According to a Transport Workers Union activist, "Some of the worst education bills died in committee. Also HB2986 from Tan Parker (paycheck deception) died, but nothing is over till it's over. These things can be attached to fiscal bills as amendments." The delegates were reminded that 888-836-8368 is the toll- free number for calling Representatives in the Texas House