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Alliance for Retired Americans Pitches in

Dear Gene,

I have attached our social Security power point presentation for your use. A box of materials is on it's way to you in Texas. ALSO, you'll be glad to know that we are in the process of gettting our very own video on Social Security that hopefully will be available in mid April. Hope you have a good weekend. Keep in touch.


Connie L. Engholm
Alliance for Retired Americans
Acting Director of Field Mobilization
888 16th Street NW Suite 520
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 974-8236

So, now North Texans have an excellent Power Point presentation. All we need is an audience and a projector!

The facts strong:

  • 1. Social Security is not in immediate danger

  • 2. Even if it were, privatization would not help

  • 3. Bush's "solution" would actually make our economic situation, especially the deficit, much worse

  • 4. There are many simple methods to get more funds into Social Security when needed. Privatization is not "the only solution;" it isn't a solution at all!

The AFL-CIO petition is at For a printable version in Word format, contact me.

Please attend a Social Security meeting with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson at 2 PM Friday, March 4, at 1408 N Washington.