Unions Face Fast Pacing Developments

Some of the most exciting parts of Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) meetings are reports from committees and reports from local unions. North Texans who are not aware of the tremendous challenges and opportunities in the labor movement should find out about these meetings. All members of affiliated unions are invited to the monthly 3rd Thursday meetings at 7:30 PM at 1408 N Washington in East Dallas.

Gwen Dunivent of TWU

Who's worst?

In the August 18 meeting, Gwen Dunivent of the Transport Workers Union announced some of the major projects she's working on. She passed out cards asking "Who is the worst governor ever?" People were asked to cast their votes on-line at http://www.worstgovernorever.com. The cards read, "Across the country extremist govenors have launched coordinated attacks against the middle class by decimating public services and failing to create jobs, all while giving handouts to the wealthy. With so many reactionary governors, it is hard to tell which one is the worst!"

Will airport safety people be working?

Dunivent also handed out leaflets titled, "Countdown to Shutdown." They read, "Tell House Transportation Chairman Mica and your Member of Congress to pass the FAA Reauthorization Bill without the attack on Fair Worker Elections. During the two weeks the FAA was shut down because of Congressional fights, American tax payers lost $400 million in revenue that was pocketed by the airline industry. Nearly 100,000 hard working people were laid off and much needed airport infrastructure upgrades were delayed. Another shutdowncould occur all over again on September 16 when the 21st funding extension expires."

Carpet layers join union

Joe Hall of the Building Trades announced there is now a company that can provide union work on carpet laying. Contact them at www.adriancarpetsinc.com, he said.

Stand for Justice for John

A representative of "Justice for John" asked the union members to stand with Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price overcome a long-term effort to destroy his political career. The committee has research, mobilization, outreach, public education, and fund-raising components. A good many of the unionists signed a card encouraging the Commissioner in his difficult hour. "He's always been good for the working man," said one senior union member at the meeting. People were asked to volunteer by calling 214-779-2771 or e-mail justiceforjwp@gmail.com.

"Union Day" at Cowboy Stadium

A very pleasant young man invited all the unionists to Cowboy Stadium on September 10th. I think he said it cost $20.

Angela Johnson

Civil rights boosted

Angela Johnson of the United Food and Commercial Workers announced that she had been chosen to serve on the Board of the A. Philip Randolph Institute. Randolph was an outstanding unionist from the Sleeping Car Porters union who went on to distinguish himself nationally in the civil rights movement. Angela said that they had set a national conference for Orlando Florida September 8-10.

Jobs with Justice reported

The Jobs with Justice report is often the longest report on the Central Labor Council agenda, because we are involved in "47,000" different things, as one union leader joked. Our August 18th report included

We had to leave some projects out to cut down the time.

Micky Morris

Stand with postal workers

One of the last speakers was Micky Morris, President of the Texas Letter Carriers. He said that politicians are still trying to end Saturday delivery in America. He anticipates that as many as 220,000 more Americans would lose their jobs if the cuts at the postal service become law. Morris was very grateful for all the help given by his brothers and sisters in the Dallas labor movement.








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