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Just as the AFL-CIO is calling for us to call 1-888-355-3588 and speak to our congresspersons against CAFTA, comes this note:

What Really Happened in Galveston?

On April 26, President Bush concluded his 60-day barnstorming tour to sell his privatization scheme for Social Security with a staged appearance before another carefully selected audience in Galveston. The news reported it as a great success, but was it?

Union Representative Lee Medley sent photos, an editorial from the Galveston paper, and his own comments:

Dear Gene,

President George Bush visited Galveston Island to push his Social Security privitization scam. Did he hold a press conference? No. Did he answer questions? No. Did he speak to the public? No.

What he did was have a rally with 700 pre-approved people, including Tom Delay, Kyle Janak, and many of their like-minded sheep. The reason he came to Galveston was that the County let their employees opt out of Social Security several years ago to various results. Of course, Bush as usual, does not tell the whole story.

I have included an article recently written in the Galveston Daily News, which I consider a right wing paper that actually spells out some of the major differences. There were close too 200 protestors and, as I counted, 5 Bush supporters among the protestors. Labor was well represented at the protest, but for some reason none of us were invited inside! I have also included some pictures.

In Solidarity,
Lee Medley

The Galveston County Daily News editorial by Heber Taylor
said, "As the hometown newspaper, we're sometimes asked what we think of this plan. We're open to changes in Social Security but don't think the Galveston Plan is the best model for change. The plan has two problems. The first is that it benefits workers at the top of the pay scale more than it benefits those at the bottom.... The second problem with the Galveston Plan is that a worker can opt out of the deal....People who are looking at the Galveston Plan in hopes that it will shed light the President?s proposal should look elsewhere for illumination."

Among the protestors outside was Richard Shaw, principal officer of the Houston Central Labor Council

Click Here for More photos by Lee Medley




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