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They Kill Union People, Don't They?

The August 13 meeting of North Texas Jobs with Justice will hear Dallas Central Labor Council President Nancy Hall talk about her recent fact-finding trip to Colombia. They met with a number of the union leaders who are risking their lives every day there. Join us Wednesday at 7 PM at Oak Cliff Methodist Church, 547 E. Jefferson in Dallas. Entrance and parking are in the rear. North Texas newspersons are invited.

Nancy Hall bravely joined a delegation of American AFL-CIO leaders for this trip. For a full description, including a diary of events, go to or The relevance of Colombia is very high, because the U.S. government is considering yet another "free trade" agreement that would injure workers here and abroad.

The group will also discuss the August 21 rally honoring Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson for her commitment to health care reform. Join this free event 4-6:30 PM Thursday, August 21, at the Alliance/AFT hall, 334 W Centre in Dallas. It's at the corner of Centre and Bishop, just one block south of Jefferson Street. Jobs with Justice is helping the teachers union and the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans on this important effort.

Jobs with Justice continues its commitment to pushing for the Employee Free Choice Act while registering voters for November. If enough labor-friendly candidates are elected, the Employee Free Choice Act will pass and America will see another great period of progress such as happened during 1938-48 when American labor won its greatest victories. For working people, nothing is as important as winning the freedom to organize! We need volunteers to take advantage of the big Labor-Day crowds to get signers for our post-card petitions.

As always on our second-Wednesday meetings, we'll talk about all the important developments for workers in our area. Please join us!


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