"Keep Our Health Care Benefits!"

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to begin hearing arguments against the health care reform "Affordable Care Act" on March 26. The 2nd anniversary of the act, March 23, marks two years of constant media efforts to undermine the accomplishments of 2010.

Debbie Beltrane speaks

Because the health care situation is so critical, and because the U.S. Supreme Court has established an anti-worker reputation, Jobs with Justice joined with the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans to carry out an "Anniversary Celebration" with speakers and literature explaining the many benefits that Americans have already gained from the partially implemented Act. The District Director of Health and Human Services, Marjorie Petty, gave the facts. Colin Chlebak, representing Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, brought a big packet of material explaining the benefits of $billions$ to millions of young and old Americans.




I made the following statement from the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

This is the day before the 2-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

We celebrate today because we have won some tangible gains in health care. We celebrate because we fought for this and everything else that we have gained.

We celebrate because we know the truth, in spite of the dirty lies in the nationwide vitriolic campaign against our rights.

We celebrate because we are needed. We're in a city that is ranked 264th out of 306 in health care.

We celebrate because we have a champion for seniors' rights and for health care in Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of this District 30. We can see her on new video YouTube today speaking on "How the Affordable Care Act has Worked for Women." She told the Congress that, "Insurance companies are not able to treat 'being a woman' as a 'preexisting condition!'"

But we are cautioned because the Supreme Court will hear arguments against the Affordable Care Act. Very little good has ever come from this Supreme Court majority. They tried to make a president out of a nobody. They tried to make people out of cold-hearted corporations. And we would not be surprised if they try to make gods out of insurance companies!

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans resolves here today that we will stand up for our health care benefits, that we will push for even more improvements, and that we will never give up the fight to defend the seniors of this state! We relish that fight, and we celebrate it together today.

--Gene Lantz, President


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