A Little Bit About a Great American

It wasn’t the first time he had a noose around his neck. They pulled him out of his bed, disregarded his crutches, tied the other end of the rope around the bumper of their car, and dragged him around the streets of Butte. The kneecaps were dragged off the corpse they displayed for this photo.

What do we have?

Xeroxes of various magazine articles. One attempted biography, but most of them are just reminiscences or descriptions of his death. A lot of the info is contradictory. A few photos taken in Yale, Oklahoma, Butte, Montana, and Fresno, California where we went in search of Frank Little

What is missing?

All of Frank Little’s letters and personal effects – probably confiscated by the government when they raided IWW headquarters

All of Frank Little’s published articles

The German filmmaker’s documentary on the history of Butte

All of the histories, novels, plays, and films that have been planned about Frank Little and never completed

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