Jobs Tour Coming to Houston

North Texans interested in driving to Houston to meet with Congresspeople about the jobs crisis are asked to contact North Texas JwJ.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is touring the country to give people a chance to stand up and speak out against the jobs crisis. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is committed to holding one of the events in Houston and may be joined by others from the Progressive Caucus on tour. The date announced is July 21. Text HOU to 228466 to get Houston Event Updates and Reminders.

The location was not set last time I looked on their web site.

Meanwhile, our North Texas coalition has been alerted to stand by the campaign to organize food service workers with the UNITE-HERE union and Wal-Mart employees in the new Our Wal-Mart campaign. Our Southern organizer is also interested in finding out if we can assemble supporters for a campaign to organize domestic workers, especially the low-paid and mistreated folks who take care of our growing older population. We're continuing to look for people who want to go to the National Jobs with Justice conference August 5-7 in Washington DC.