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Texas Fair Trade Group Gets New Director

The new Director of Texas Fair Trade Watch, Marc Jacobson, visited union leaders and other progressive organizations in North Texas during November 20. He has had extensive organizing experience, including a stint with the Dallas Area Interfaith -- an organization that knows a lot about organizing!

Jacobson now offices in the Texas AFL-CIO building as a guest of the Austin Central Labor Council. The Texas Fair Trade Watch has a long and cordial relationship with the labor movement, which needs its input and information as American corporations continue to push for secret investment laws (they call them "free trade agreements," but they aren't free, they aren't trade, and, since they are secret, they aren't really even "agreements.")

A better term would be "gobblelization."

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Jacobson was interviewed for presentation on KNON radio's "Workers' Beat" Program, which occurs every Wednesday from 8 AM to 9. It may be heard on 89.3 fm or on

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