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Labor's eternal slogan

It's Not Paranoia If They're Really Out to Get Us!

American workers are experiencing an all-out attack against our rights. Wisconsin passed a "Right to Work (scab)" law. The Supreme Court will hear a case that could extend "Right to Scab" to all public employees' unions. Another Unfair Trade bill is pending in Congress. The Texas Legislature is hell-bent on giving away over $4 billion in tax breaks before they even consider their $8 billion deficit in state workers' pension funds! The "National Right to Work (SCAB) Committee," one of our worst and most highly organized enemies, is providing help to the petrochemical oligarchs as they drag out the strike that has left thousands of Steelworkers without a livelihood.

Millions of good American jobs have been lost, including at a large number of local companies

The best news source in Texas is the free service from Ed Sills of the Texas AFL-CIO. He writes: "The United States has, in fact, some of the weakest labor protections in the advanced world. Hostility toward organized labor in parts of the country is so intense that even companies that fervently want their workers to unionize can't do it." 

In another message, Ed passes on: "The Supreme Court has announced it would hear a case that could very well finish off American unions in ... public sector. The case,Friedrichs v California Teachers Association, will decide if right-to-work laws (designed to bankrupt unions by encouraging non-payement of dues) will extend to all public employees nationwide -- an outcome Justice Samuel Alito has all but promised to deliver."

How We Fight Back

The good news is that we aren't laying down while the train smashes over us. The Steelworkers fight on, and they encourage everyone to get involved. Support all the Texas strikers, along with locked-out Sherwin Alumina workers. Make out your check to “USW District 13” and place in the subject line the words: “Strike/Lockout Assistance.” Mail to Ben Lilienfeld, USW District 13, 1300 Rollingbrook Drive, Suite 504, Baytown, TX 77521. There is a supporting petition at http://www.usw.org/act/oilsafety

The School Employees have their lobby day March 9 and the State Employeesmarch in Austin on April 8th. The AFT buses require a $25 deposit, which is returned on lobby day. The TSEU asks only $15 for their buses. Free lunches are provided on both events. Bob Cash of Texas Fair Trade Watch is organizing Texans to resist the next giant international job giveaway known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. The Texas AFL-CIO runs a campaign to raise the minimu wage to $10.10. 

When we organize, we win! Try to do some of the North Texas activities below.

More Actions Coming Up

March 2, 7P: Movie and panel discussion at Texas Theater, 205 Jefferson in Dallas: SHADOWS OF LIBERTY reveals the extraordinary truth behind the news media: censorship, cover-ups and corporate control. Dr Juanita Wallace of NAACP, Collette Flanagan with Mothers Against Police Brutality, Bonnie Mathias (CWA)  and Gene Lantz (UAW) among the panelists. 

March 3: 7 - 8:30 PM An Injury to One is an Injury to All:  Join us for an interactive evening of exploring connections between undocumented workers and the economy and what we can do. Event location: 1408 N Washington Ave, Dallas.

March 4, 12:30P: Dallas Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans (TARA) meets on First Wednesdays,  APWU Hall, 2010 Postal Way, Dallas 75212.

March 6, noon: March for voting rights begins on the Continental Bridge (West side). Juanita Wallace 972-803-3052 

Mar 7, 11A -1P: - International Women’s Day: Sharing our stories, learning from each other, moving forward together! 1408 N Washington Ave Dallas, Texas. Open to  all. https://www.facebook.com/events/773033056120258

Mar 9: Texas AFT (Teachers & school personnel) lobby day at the capitol. Contact presendiz.dallasaflcio@gmail.com if interested!

Mar 12: Medicaid expansion march in Austin. Children's Defense League. TOP is organizing buses from Dallas. Call 214-729-1119Apr 3, 10A 10th annual Good Friday march through downtown Dallas. news@dallaschristians.org

Apr10: Working Class Conference in Plano, Collin College

April 11: Citizenship Clinic with Dallas AFL-CIO and UFCW Local 540; volunteers opportunities will be available. Contact:presendiz.dallasaflcio@gmail.com

Apr 18, 8:30AM- 4P: Congressman Marc Veasey 33rd Congressional District of Texas invites you to the TEEN SUMMIT 2015. 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. Sam Houston High School 2000 Sam Houston Drive Arlington, Texas 76014 CongressmanMarcVeasey 817-920-9086214-741-1387

We've won better wages at Walmart, but we still demand better hours!