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March with Seniors to Save Health Care!

At the Dallas Central Labor Council meeting on October 21, CWA President Larry Ifhe asked for supporters to back up the retirees who are fighting to save their health care.They plan to picket at 11:0 AM on Tuesday, October 26, at 4100 Bryan in East Dallas. Like seniors citizens across America, they find themselves threatened by a mighty corporation that would like to relieve itself of sacred obligations made to their employees over decades past.

Men and women employees took lower wages and benefits in order to improve their retirement package. Companies kept the money in trust for those employees when they grew older. Today, the companies are trying to act as if the deferred income that they kept for the employees was actually their own money -- and they want to keep from returning it to the rightful owners!

Not only are they denying the health care they promised, they are also trying to take pensions. With the help of compliant bankruptcy judges, corporations are robbing their former employees all across the nation. Congress has also allowed them to lower their payments to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, the quasi-government insurance company that is supposed to make sure that seniors get their pensions. The PBGC is in danger of collapse after years of lowered payments from corporations.

This is not just a small issue affecting a few retirees. It is a train heading directly at all American wage earners! Let's back up the ones who are willing to fight. Below are CWA retirees planning to resist the corporate takeaways.

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