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Good News for Texas! -- Nurses Continue Organizing

Participants in the planning meeting of the National Nurses Organizing Committee in North Texas 5/30/07

The Texas Legislature adjourned on May 28 without even trying to deal with the crisis in hospital care. The Hospital Patient Protection Act, sponsored originally by the National Nurses Organizing Committee, died in committee. Unless it is revived in a special session, the bill is effectively tabled until the next session.

Some Texans may have speculated that the nurses' organizing efforts would stop after the legislative session, but we are assured by organizer Amber Jamil (at the right in the photo) that they will continue organizing and standing up for patients' rights in our state.

Some of the North Texas activists met in South Oak Cliff on May 30. They reviewed an ever-growing list of past and future activities. Among their many natural allies are the millions of retirees living in Texas. The group elected to join with North Texas Jobs with Justice in order to continue broadening their base of support.

Texas has as many or more health care problems than any state in the union, but has previously had little or no leadership in fighting these problems. In other states, organized nurses are standing up and taking the lead on health care issues. Texas is far better off with our ongoing drive. Progressives in North Texas are becoming aware of the nurse's organization and are looking for ways to support their efforts.

For national information about the nurses or to join, go to For developments in North Texas, watch this space.

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