Environmental Racism Opposed in Dallas

The City of Dallas wants to concentrate all its trash processing and landfill activities in the almost-all Black neighborhood of Highland Hills. Students from nearby Paul Quinn College have been organizing against it. On November 5th, they found strong allies and carried out a march from old Oak Cliff across the Houston Viaduct to downtown Dallas.

There were two City Councilpersons and a County Commissioner in the march. The League of United Latin American Citizens joined in. Probably the most significant in terms of turnout was Friendship West Church, led by its nationally famous minister, Frederick Haynes. Haynes spoke in Ferris Plaza, right in front of the Dallas Morning News office. He referred to the elitest of the elitest part of North Texas, HIghland Park, and said, "If they don't want it in HIghland Park, we don't want it in Highland Hills, either!"

There were more than 200 people in the march, and we all agreed!




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