Bus Ride to State Rally is FREE!

Thanks to the generosity of health care reform supporters, our charter bus to the Texas-wide rally November 14 is now free for all who want to go!

The problem before us now is to get the word out to the many health care reform activists who need to be at the State Capitol 1-3 PM on Saturday, November 14. We particularly would like to have those who are unemployed and underemployed. They suffer the most from the crisis, and health care reform would actually contribute to solving the unemployment crisis!

MoveOn to the Rescue!

Fortunately, we partnered with Jacqueline Ban, Dallas Council Coordinator for MoveOn. On KNON radio Monday morning, she said that there are thousands of MoveOn members in North Texas. She has scheduled a callup for 7-9 PM Tuesday, November 10. Participants will work from home. They begin by telephoning a free conferencing number to work out their approach, then spend some time calling other activists.

Thank the Congresswoman, Build the State Rally!

To join in, we go to www.moveon.com/team to sign onto the Dallas Council. Then select the next activity you want to work on. MoveOn has already scheduled an important "thank you " rally for Congresswoman Johnson on Friday, November 13, at Noon. Instructions are on their web page, along with instructions on how to get involved in building both the Friday rally and the Saturday bus trip to Austin. If the instructions are not clear, just e-mail Jacqueline at j4change@gmail.com.

Join in the Planning, Make Some Signs

Our regular North Texas Jobs with Justice planning session is 7 PM Wednesday, November 11, at UAW 848 hall, 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie. It will be a great opportunity to sharpen our ideas on the fight for health care reform. We can also develop some songs or chants, plan our approach to the media, and make signs for the statewide rally. Everybody is invited!

What Do We Have So Far?

So far, we expect this sequence of events on Saturday:

What Do We Have to Have?


Jacqueline Ban demonstrates MoveOn technology

Jacqueline Ban (center) explains the easy MoveOn methods