Occupiers Undaunted by Rain

The protesters camped at Pioneer Park in downtown Dallas maintained their base camp through the rain on Saturday night, October 8. They were holding a conference and discussing their rules at 10 AM Sunday morning, still at Young & Griffin streets. The "needs" posted were these:

A young woman named Amber was offering rides to her apartment for anyone who wanted to take a shower and/or do laundry. There is usually street parking for anyone who wants to come and offer to help, or to join the group. Watch them on www.occupydallas.org and on their ;occupydallas Twitter account. Occupy Dallas is also on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Moveon is continuing to call their own actions. They write:

MoveOn Dallas Week of Action Events

A national wave of action began with the August recess rallies. As part of that wave, MoveOn has been calling for Jobs Not Cuts - Make Them Pay. Now we have the American Jobs Bill to fight for. The Occupy movement has exploded into over 150 separate events over the country, most of them still going strong. Labor has joined us in the streets. People have had it. Now is the time for action.
MoveOn Dallas is calling for two major actions this week, plus a sign-making session on Sunday.

Sign-Making Party

Sunday, Oct 9, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
2639 Walnut Hill #203, Dallas, TX 75229
Map Link: http://g.co/maps/22a4c
Enjoy fellowship and aesthetic expression as we prepare for the week's actions! Bring your good humor and sharp wit.

Rebuild Our Bridges - Pass the American Jobs Act!

Houston St. Viaduct (over I-30), Monday, Oct. 10, 6:00 pm
America's bridges are crumbling. Join us on one of them to support Senate passage of the American Jobs Act which would put thousands to work rebuilding them.
Sign up here: http://civic.moveon.org/event/jncweekofaction/122272

Jobs Not Cuts - Make Them Pay! Rally

Oct 13, 4-6:00 pm
Outside Jeb Hensarling's office
Comerica Bank Bldg (Abrams & Larmanda)
6510 Abrams Rd. TX
Dallas, TX 75231

Rep Jeb Hensarling (R-TX-05) is co-chair of the infamous Super Congressional Committee. Let's rally outside his office and tell him:

Sign up here:

Support Occupy Dallas!
Please try to spend some time with and support our brothers and sisters with Occupy Dallas: www.occupydallas.org