Dallas to Host "Free Trade" Negotiations

Bob CashBob Cash of the Texas Fair Trade Watch says that corporate and government representatives will meet in Dallas May 8 to May 18th or 19th to negotiate an international trade agreement that could be as bad, or worse, for working people than NAFTA and the others. Union leaders, including the national, state, and local AFL-CIO are already joining with environmentalists and community activists to share information and explore possible responses.

The negotiators of the "trade agreements," from NAFTA on down, always tell us we'll get more jobs. But the truth has inevitably been that the jobs are created somewhere else. And the people in the "somewhere else" don't like it either, because the jobs created pay almost nothing, are unsafe, and destroy the environment. Corporations profit because they move the work to wherever there are the least restraints on how they treat workers and the environment.

The "Battle in Seattle" in 1999 launched the first international fight against international corporate control. Only a handful of us from North Texas attended, but everyone in North Texas now has a chance to create and participate in their own battle for jobs and dignity. Back room trade deals benefit big corporations at the expense of working people. Stay tuned. If you want to volunteer early, contact Bob Cash at 512-912-6630, or contact us.

Photo of Bob Cash in Dallas







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