"Fair Trade, not Free Trade!"

Let's make the April 11th Jobs with Justice meeting over into a teach-in and strategy session to get ready to confront the "Trans Pacific Partnership" negotiators when they come to Dallas May 8th through 18th or 19th! Join us Wednesday 7 PM at 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie to discuss how such "free trade agreements" have undermined the workers' movement worldwide and how to stop them from going further

fair trade not free trade

The World Will be Watching

The word is spreading among North Texas activists that the world progressive movement will be watching us May 8-18th when the "Trans Pacific Partnership" government and corporate negotiators will descend on Dallas. From NAFTA forward, very little good has come to working people anywhere from these so called "Free Trade Agreements."

*They aren't "free" because they are very costly to workers.
*They aren't "trade" but rather they are licenses for big corporations to undermine national restrictions on the treatment of workers and the environment.
*They certainly aren't "agreements" because they are kept secret from working people in America and every country involved!

So far, the "TPP" sounds even worse and even larger than the previous ones!

Watch the video

My friend Bucky Fuller made a terrific short video of me asking for help in this fight. Click here for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMaFatVFyec&feature=share

Strong, United Protest Needed

Every activist I have talked to so far, including those from Occupy Dallas, area unions, and MoveOn, agrees that we need a strong and united protest in North Texas. Because the negotiations are so secretive, we do not even know where in North Texas they will carry out their scheming. We only have one month to gather our forces and make as big an impression as possible, consequently, everyone I've talked to said we need to start now and use what little information is available. One way to get started is by planning teach-ins and discussions right away. We might be able to get the word out in "Cinco De Mayo" actions May 5th, because a lot of Latinos oppose the "free trade agreements" so far. On May 8th, the first day of negotiations, it might be possible to organize a car caravan that could go from a convenient launching area to wherever the negotiators are meeting.

Your participation and ideas are critical!

Join us Wednesday if possible. Send your thoughts to me at labordallas@sbcglobal.net

in solidarity
Gene Lantz


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