Help Plan the Union Song Revival July 24!

Plans are underway for a Union Song Revival starting at 1 PM on July 24 at the UAW 848 union hall, 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie, Texas.



Gerardo Contreras



Got agreement from master barbecuer Gerardo Contreras, who also has a killer sound system






Got agreement from professional singers Kenny Winfree and Lisa Markley. Both of them want us to find a lot more union singers, poets, and artists

Got agreement from UAW 848 to use the auditorium starting at 1 PM on Sunday, July 24. 2218 E Main in Grand PrairieKenny Winfree

Some other ideas (also not set in stone):
Advertise on KNON?
Ask Ed Sills of Texas AFL-CIO to help us find talent and audience?
Try to plan it out so that , even if it's a bust this year, it will grow next year and the year after that
Admission free, but food sales profits to North Texas Jobs with Justice for our delegation to national conference Aug 5-7?
Invite news media?
Ask every union local around if they have performers to join in? Hopefully, every performer will be able to bring more people?
Start at 1 PM and let it run till we run out of performers?
See if we can get appropriate art for display/sale?
Let the performers sell their CD's if they have them?
Make sure all the performers aren't alike, seek diversity. Specifically, we bottom line have to have Spanish, for example "De Colores, " the farmworker song
Include poetry, visual art, sing-alongs, whatever?
Try to find out what they did at the Oklahoma Culturfest last year?
Pick Kenny Winfree's mind about the Great Labor Arts Exchange (AFL-CIO) he recently attended?
Set up committees for program, food, and decorating the hall?
Print programs? Print appropriate song lyrics?

Let me know if you're interested in making this a success --.


In solidarity


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