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Texans are Proud of Record-Setting Election

Roberto Alonzo, Jr, watched the election results at his father's victory party on the evening of March 4

Texans set records with over 2.8 million primary election voters. In a number of states where data was available, union households turned out up to 33% of the total vote. Texas does not get this information, but union people worked hard to get their endorsed candidates elected.

During the last two weeks of the Texas campaign, the "Change to Win Federation," which broke away from the AFL-CIO, endorsed Barack Obama for President. However, most unions had still not endorsed by March 4. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but was slightly edged by Obama because of the "pledged" delegates that result from the precinct conventions. There are enough "unpledged" delegates at the Democratic Party's State Convention, and a loose enough structure on the "pledged" delegates, to make the outcome of the Texas primary go either way.

Texas union leaders had gone through a process of scrutinizing the state and local candidates and endorsing some of them. Here, we can review the results:




The main race was the U.S. Senate. Union-endorsed Rick Noriega took 51% of the vote over two Democratic candidates and will not have to go through an expensive runoff election. he faces Republican John Cornyn this November. Texas AFL-CIO Communications Director says that most of the endorsed statewide candidates came through the election well, but four union-endorsed candidates for the state legislature went down. They are:
District 43 - Rep. Juan Escobar; District 77 - Rep. Paul Moreno, District 140 - Rep. Kevin Bailey. District 146 - Rep. Borris Miles

Dallas County

Listed below are the Dallas County candidates endorsed for the 2008 Primaries. All Dallas AFL-CIO candidates won outright except for Diana L. Lackey, who got the most votes but still has a runoff.

Don Adams - Criminal District Judge, Court 2

Roberto Alonzo - State Representative District 104

Rafael Anchia - State Representative District 103

Jaime Cortez - Constable, Precinct No. 5

John Creuzot - Criminal Districtcourt No. 4

Yvonne Davis - State Representative District 111

Darlene Ewing - Chair, Dallas County Democratic Party

Helen Giddings - State Representative District 109

Terri Hodge - State Representative District 100

Eddie Bernice Johnson - US House 30th Congressional District

Diana L. Lackey - County Tax Assessor-Collector

Barbara Mallory-Caroway - State Representative District 110

Ken Molberg - District Judge, 95th Judicial District

Eric V. Moye' - District Judge, 14th Judicial District

John Wiley Price - County Commissioner, District 3

Lorraine Raggio - District Judge, 162nd Judicial District

Lupe Valdez - Sheriff

Allen Vaught - State Representative District 107

Royce West - Texas Senate District 23

Dallas County AFL-CIO may be reached at 214-826-4808


Rod Tanner (D) Tarrant County Democratic Chair LOST
Warren H. Gould (D) 67 th Judicial Dist. Judge WON
Randy Turner (D) 17 th District Court Judge WON
Louis Sturns 213 th District Court Judge RUNOFF with Lisa Callaghan
R. Maureen Tolbert (D) Criminal Dist. Court No. 2 WON
Charles "Chuck" Randolph (D) State Rep. Dist. 61
Chris Utchell (D) State Rep. Dist. 91 WON
Marc Veasey (D) State Rep. Dist. 95 WON
Jesus Carrillo (D) State Rep. Dist 63
Chris Turner (D) State Rep. Dist. 96 WON
Paula Hightower-Pierson (D) State Rep. Dist. 93 WON
Dan Barrett (D) State Rep. Dist. 97 WON
Tracey Smith (D) U.S. Congress Dist. 12 WON
Tom Love (D) U.S. Congress Dist. 24 WON
Steve Bush (D) U.S. Congress Dist. 6 LOST
Gerald Hartley (D) Wise County D.A.
Tarrant County AFL-CIO may be reached at 817-284-1461


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