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We have a shot at helping organize Wal-Mart workers, construction workers, and oil workers in the immediate future. All of them are eagerly asking our help!

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How do we win? How do we lose? Workers the key!

If you ponder, as I do, the successes and failures of all the "movements," past and present, we are involved in, then long-lasting success is the question. Everything that we win can be taken away again, as the reactionaries in government are showing us today..The key to lasting success is the working class, the only forces strong enough to stand up to the corporations!

Ironworkers in Dallas


Jobs with Justice has been helping the Ironworkers organize in North Texas over the last decade. They are concentrating on some of the hardest, dirtiest, and riskiest work in construction -- the men who tie the rebar iron bars before concrete is poured. Many of the workers are Spanish speaking and subject to terror campaigns by their Anglo bosses.

Most of the time, the Ironworkers are looking for English speaking supporters to add more credibility to their visits to employers or government officials. On May 22 they need witnesses to show solidarity in the first minutes of a new strike. Try to imagine how frightening it is to workers in those first few minutes, and then realize how much it would help to see community support!

Only recently have their long efforts begun to show success. We expect to join them and their other allies in opening a new union headquarters in Dallas soon! Contact Ryan.



Walmart workers in Dallas

Walmart "Associates"

Walmart, one of the world's largest and most bitterly anti-worker employers, has made it extremely difficult for their employees to find dignity and justice on the job. In many facilities, it is almost impossible to get a full-time position. The workers are kept on part-time status in order to avoid labor laws and keep everyone in a state of worry. The new effort is to organize Walmart "associates" into their own organization, Our WalMart, and it's working!

North Texans who have already showed the courage to stand up to this monstrous employer will gather on May 24th to participate in a national tour that will end in Arkansas at the Walmart stock owners' meeting. They have invited workers from American Airlines and Lockheed, who are experiencing their own difficulties today. And they invite everyone who shares their hope of organizing the employees who need it so much! Contact Kevin Blair.


Harold Sweat of USWSteelworkers:

The Steelworkers union organizes thousands of refinery workers in Texas, but they have a tough time bargaining with the world's largest and most profitable corporation, Exxon Mobil. Their May 30 rally will show the shareholders of the corporation that real people care about their decisions. Workers from around the nation will be at the protest outside the shareholders' meeting, and they need to see a lot of local people there. Exxon Mobil world headquarters is just outside Dallas in Irving, so we have a special responsibility.

Refinery workers at Exxon Mobil's refinery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are fighting for improvements in health and safety. Management is refusing to agree to basic safety provisions that are being implemented in most of the other refineries in the country. Let's stand with them, and with all workers in the fight for justice!

At this moment, there is some confusion as to when the protests should begin. The Steelworkers confirm the 11 AM time, but other protests may begin earlier. See or contact Patrick Young.



Other events of interest:

May 17, 7:30 PM: Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council Meeting for members of affiliated unions

May 22, 9:30 AM: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans meeting at UAW 276 hall, 2505 W.E. Roberts (formerly Sherman) in Grand Prairie



--Gene Lantz




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