Women Celebrate and Demand Their Rights!

On August 26 in downtown Dallas, women's rights advocates gathered to celebrate the winning of their right to vote and the progress that has been made. At the same time, Texas women face a very grave situation as national and state politicians, mostly Republicans, try to push those rights backward.

Delia Jasso

Former City Councilwoman Delia Jasso outlined the situation. Women's clinics are being forced to shut down all over Texas. Hiding behind the hot-button issue of abortion rights, politicians are cutting funds for life-or-death programs for poor women in this state.

Texas women aren't turning the other cheek. Big crowds of militant women and their male supporters have appeared in major cities all over the state. Many progressives are urging Senator Wendy Davis of Fort Worth to run for Texas governor next year. If she should soi choose, a giant wave of determined Texas females is expected to join in the electioneering.

The August 26 rally and march drew a good crowd and a lot of cameras. An excellent photo appeared on the 29th in the Dallas newspaper. It showed a big banner and some supporters. Mercifully, they did not show pictures of a few people who were more interested in joking around than in honoriing the sacrifices that women have made. Several of them, including men, went so far as to wear large pink brassieres during the rally!






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